River Bend Business Center and Industrial Park

The River Bend Business Center and Industrial Park is a multi-phased commercial development. It is the standard for corporate locations in the East Texas Region. Located at the intersection of Interstate 20 and U.S. Highway 259/State Highway 31, River Bend provides major thoroughfare access from the Gulf Coast to both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean terminals.

Phase I - The Four S Industrial Park

Phase one is the 175-acre 4 S Industrial Park which includes 35 tracts of land ranging in size from 2 to 30 acres. These tracts are developed for medium to light duty industrial businesses. There are already several companies in the industrial park including Valerus Compression, Flint Services, East Texas Crude, Nichols Transportation, NFR Energy, Champion Chemical, PCS, Performance Wellhead and Frac Components and many others are investigating location in the park daily.

Phase 2 - River Bend Business Center

The River Bend Business Center is planned for development in 2013. The Business Center is over 200 Acres and will house Commercial and Retail facilities. Key features of this portion of River Bend include frontage on State Highway 31, and sitting atop one of Gregg County's highest bluffs overlooking Longview and the Sabine River basin in east Texas.

Wildlife Preserve

We at River Bend believe maintaining our environment is not only important, but a responsibility. That's why we have dedicated over 300 acres as a Wildlife Preserve. This land will remain untouched and serve as a safe haven for animals native to this habitat.

Future Development

Future phases of the development include over 400 acres for major distribution & manufacturing sites in addition to the expansion capability for the Four S Industrial Park area currently being marketed.